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The International Trust for Nature Conservation (ITNC) is a British registered charity founded in 1980 by the late A.V. Jim Edwards, former Chairman of the Tiger Mountain Group of Companies, and a group of likeminded people united in a determination to try and protect parts of the world where wildlife is threatened by human activities.ITNC

When forests and jungles are cleared, animals and plants lose the environment in which they have flourished. Many species disappear, others barely survive, and in the long-term people also lose out. Indiscriminate tree felling leads to soil erosion and flooding which causes much human suffering in many countries. Conserving natural habitats and wildlife also benefits human communities.

ITNC is a small, pro-active trust that mainly funds projects throughout the world, but with special focus on South Asia where conservation needs are great and communities are poor. works for conservation in various ways.


Jim Edwards Memorial Fund